Keeping the dream alive

We live in a world of challenges. We never get everything we want on a silver platter. l remember sometimes back I had a very annoying cell phone. This phone had a tendency of freezing at will. This really tested my patience especially when it froze in the middle of an important conversation. The  urge of smashing it on the floor  was always enormous but  thank God I resisted.

This was happening at time when cash was so scarce that buying myself a new gadget was a dream too far fetched.  I  however constantly reminded myself that no condition is permanent. Days , weeks  and months passed by as my phone continued to torture and torment me.

True to the saying that everything that has a beginning must have an end came to pass. My financial status improved and I got myself a state of the art gadget. I kept my dream alive despite the challenges.

You could be having a moment right now. Your patience,  perserverence among others  is at stake challenge yourself to it.

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